Kozi Rooms

At Kozi Furniture we appreciate that our customers have their own ideas when it comes to modernising and rejuvenating their living and/or working spaces. Our designs allow you to express your individuality creatively. We have selected five colours that will match, or complement, any new or existing colour scheme in your home or office.
Scroll through our gallery for an idea of just how versatile our pieces are.

How to use our furniture

We want your home to be a safe place. In order to prevent accidents, please note the guidelines below:

  • Furniture should always be securely attached (read the instruction pamphlet for more information).
  • Use the tip-over restraint provided as well as the right tools for your wall type (where applicable).
  • Never put a television or any other heavy object on a chest of drawers that has not been anchored/secured to a wall (use the bracket provided for this purpose).
  • Never let children climb, or hang on, drawers, doors, or shelves.

The Kozi Brand


At Kozi, our goal is to produce modern Furniture with clean lines that will either compliment your existing Furniture or create a brand new look & feel in you home. We aim to help make life a little easier and comfortable at an affordable price.


Kozi manufacture our furniture with the best materials that are easy to clean and durable. We source the best hardware possible from Europe to make sure that our drawers and doors open and close with a lifetime guarantee.


With over 30 years of knowledge & experience in this industry, we use modern and up to date machinery and manufacturing methods to produce our Furniture. This enables us to sell Kozi furniture at the lowest prices without compromising on quality.


Kozi have chosen 5 colors that will match or compliment any new or existing color or theme in your home or office.